What do you really need to put in your suitcase?

It’s done! You’ve just booked your holiday and will be leaving in a few weeks’ time. You’ve finally managed to choose between all your different dream destinations… which is quite an achievement in itself! The only remaining hurdle to overcome is the thorny issue of the suitcase. Whether you’re going away for a couple of weeks with your Originale Plume 65cm suitcase or having a long weekend break with your Weekend bag, the same old questions always seem to crop up: "Have I taken everything I need" or "Shouldn’t I pack this new pair of shoes I just bought?" We would like to help you out with a few words of advice:

Make photocopies your identity papers

Accidents can happen to anyone! How many people do you know who have already lost their passport or identity papers, or had them stolen, when travelling far from home? Make sure you always store copies in different places.

Travel guide

Remember that you won’t always have access to the Internet. A travel guide is essential when travelling! It will give you plenty of useful tips and expert advice.

Travelling essentials

What about a camera?

Thanks to technological progress, smartphones leave our suitcases lighter and with a little more space for an extra outfit! All the same, you’d be better off with a real camera if you want high-quality holiday snaps…

Beauty products

Forget those bulky bottles of perfume and jars of cream! You’re better of with travel-sized items. In addition to saving space, you’ll also avoid the risk of breakage and your clothes doused in beauty products.

The ultimate dilemma: choosing what clothes to take with you

At times, the weather doesn’t simplify things. You’re often worried about not having the right outfit when the weather is hot or cold. Carefully choose your outfits before leaving but, above all, try to be reasonable! Something casual, something more formal to wear in the evening, and something suitable for your holiday destination and what you plan on doing. Do the same for your shoes! In any case, just accept that the fashionista in you won’t be able to resist buying something new in the local shops!

Travelling essentials

Verdict: what weight?

You’re almost done! Everything is packed… you only have to weigh the suitcase. It’s better to use a set of luggage scales, which is more accurate than the bathroom variety. Carefully check the airline weight restrictions. Once you’re at the airport, it’ll be too late!
We hope we’ve been of help… and hope you have a wonderful time on holiday!