In our previous article, we gave a number of tips to help you pack your suitcase like a pro. But, before getting to the point of actually packing, you first have to decide where you’ll be traveling to next! This is undoubtedly the phase in the traveling process most fraught with difficulties. Have you already spent considerable time pondering this question yet still can’t decide upon the ideal destination?

Don’t worry about it! You have everything to gain by taking your time. Do you realize that a simple solution exists, allowing you to avoid the mad crush of holidaymakers, the traffic jams, the endless queues and overcrowded beaches?

The answer is to travel off-season ! If your timetable permits it, there’s a wealth of advantages:

It’s easy and cheaper to book accommodation:

No longer will you have to sift through second or third best accommodation. Gone is the time when you have to make the agonizing choice between reasonably priced hotels miles from everywhere and the exorbitant rates of hotels in the centre of town. Stress-free choice is guaranteed!

Authentic atmosphere:

You won’t be running into your neighbours, colleagues from work or other tourists all the time. Meet and get to know the locals. Once the crowds have left and life returns to tranquil normality, they will be delighted to spend time chatting to you.

Don’t miss out on anything important:

In the crowds of the high season, we have all been put off visiting a particularly popular place or monument. In the off-season, you won’t feel you’ve missed out on something important!

Time to enjoy things:

Don’t waste time queuing up to visit a monument or exhibition. And you won’t have to rush to the beach at the crack of dawn to find a few square centimetres of unoccupied sand. Take your time and relax!

Sweeter memories:

Take more intimate or spectacular holiday snaps! You won’t have to elbow you way through the crowds or wait for a gap in the flow of passers-by before taking your photos.

So, when will you be leaving?